New: Help your developer customers find the answer they need with sudoHERO Contextual Support

Chris Chandler

Do you manage a developer community for your technical product with support taking place on a Discourse-powered forum, Stack Overflow, or GitHub Discussions? Are you looking for ways to surface helpful community content to more users? Do you want to drive more engagement among your community members? Or maybe you are looking for greater insights into how to improve your technical documentation?

According to research published by Elise Hein on Bootcamp, developers conduct on average of 15.9 searches a day to find the information they need to perform their job — looking for best practices, how-tos, and social validation on how to best implement a feature. But how much faster could we perform our job if we simply had the right information we needed at our fingertips?

To answer that question, we’re excited to announce the beta launch of the sudoHERO Contextual Support Widget — a powerful new tool to connect your company’s developer documentation to the deep base of knowledge created by your developer community.

Help developers find the answers they need fast

The Contextual Support Widget can be integrated easily into your support infrastructure. Simply point it to your current developer forum and embed the widget into your documentation with a few lines of JavaScript code. Once integrated, documentation readers will have quick access to the repository of questions and answers from your developer community in the place where they look for help first — the documentation page.

The sudoHERO Contextual Widget — delivering answers from your knowledge base content directly within your technical documentation pages.

The Widget understands what the user is viewing in the documentation and provides the most relevant knowledge base articles. As users upvote helpful content, your support infrastructure becomes more intelligent by not only matching articles to relevant keywords, but also by what developers found most helpful.

Know where your developer customers get stuck

By incorporating the widget into your documentation, you’ll also have a deeper understanding of not only what generates the most support request, but where developers are looking for more information, making it easy to drill down on which parts of the documentation need clarification. Quickly discover top search phrases and top sections of your technical documentation which generate searches.

sudoHERO analytics help you pinpoint where to improve your documentation first

Sounds great — sign me up!

The sudoHERO Contextual Support Widget is available for free today in private beta and launching with support for Discourse-powered discussion forums as well as relevant tags from Stack Overflow. The widget can be embedded in a wide array of documentation tools including Docusaurus, GitBook, Postman, Readme Enterprise, and others. If this sounds like your setup and you’re ready to accelerate adoption of your product, reach out and tell us a bit about yourself to get early access to the beta.

Looking for support for GitHub Discussions, another forum, knowledge base or documentation tool? Let’s talk about your needs to get it onto the product roadmap.